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Air source technology

Air source or air to water heat pump is the technology that allows to extract the energy contained in the environment to heat the water.

It is a very efficient system for use in heating, cooling and domestic hot water installations, given air source heat pump consumes less energy than it carries.

This technology can work with thermal emitters already installed (provided that its sizing is carried out correctly) giving the same or better comfort than traditional systems. This is how they can be combined with underfloor heating, refreshing flooring, fan coils, low temperature radiators and even conventional radiators if high temperature heat pumps are used.

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Types of air source heat pumps

Air souce is the technology by which air is used for the production of hot or cold water to meet the different needs. Our range covers any application in which water is needed to heat and cool a home, office, commerce, industry, swimming pools or produce domestic hot water on small or large scale.

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