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Heat Pumps for DHW Production and heating/cooling

We are a manufacturer of heat pumps specialized in air source (air to water) and solar thermodynamic. The objective of CLIMER is the development and continuous improvement of a product designed to meet the demand of the end user adapting to their needs and with a high range of features that differentiate it from the rest in the market.

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Wide range of equipment that incorporates the latest advances to achieve maximum energy savings and comfort in the production of domestic hot water and heating/cooling.

Air source heat pump

With air source systems you have cooling in summer, heating in winter and hot water all year round. Latest generation and high-efficiency heat pumps.

Solar thermodynamics

Thermodynamic solar panels, in addition to capturing energy from the sun, also capture environmental energy at any time of the day to heat water, without the need of a auxiliary system.


Range of independent accumulators to adapt to any installation. Wide range from 50L to 1000L capacity and 5 years warranty on the accumulator.


We manufacture solutions adapted for great manufacturers of air source heat pumps, accumulation and heating/cooling units.

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Main Heat Pump Projects

Types of heat pump

A heat pump is a technology that uses refrigerant gas in a closed thermodynamic cycle to transfer heat between two heat sources at different heat levels, changing the heat from cold to hot.

Heat Pump for DHW (domestic hot water)

Heat pumps for the production of domestic hot water with built-in tank.

Heat Pump for DHW, Heating and Cooling

Air source heat pumps with inverter technology for heating, cooling and DHW (according to model).

Pool Heat Pump

Air to water heat pump to heat the pool water.

High Temperature Heat Pump

Air to water heat pumps for the production of hot water for heating.

Air to water Heat Pump for commercial applications

Range of reversible air to water heat pumps.

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Climer Technology is a young but established company, specializing in the manufacture of heat pumps.

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A team in continuos innovation

The three basic principles that Climer Technology applies when designing and creating its products are: quality, reliability and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Pump

The heat pump is a thermal machine that allows energy to be transferred in the form of heat from one environment to another based on a reversible cooling cycle. In this way, the perfect temperature is achieved in any type of home or place, both in winter and in summer, or the production of hot water for have a shower or bath.

The operation of the heat pump is based on thermodynamics. It consists of transporting energy in the form of heat from one environment to another. This process is generated through the change of state from gas to liquid of a refrigerant fluid by means of the ambient temperature and with the help of a compressor. The cycle of the heat pump is fully reversible, so that it can provide cold or heat according to the needs.

There are different types of heat pump, which differ in the points where energy is captured and delivered: air to air, air to water or water to water heat pump are the most common examples. Air to water heat pump captures energy from the air and transports it to the water. This generate heating, cooling and DHW.

The heat pump transfers heat by circulating a refrigerant through an evaporation and condensation cycle. In particular, air to water heat pumps absorb the heat that is in the environment through this cycle, increasing its temperature and going to a gaseous state. A compressor pumps the refrigerant increasing its pressure and temperature. It then goes to the condenser where it gives its heat to the water to generate hot water for heating or DHW. Finally, the refrigerant already in a liquid state, having given up its heat, passes through the expansion valve decreasing its temperature and pressure, thus starting the cycle again in the evaporator.

Heat pump achieves a usable output energy up to 4 times greater than the input energy. This means a great monthly (and annual) saving compared to conventional systems.

Energy saving

The savings through the use of a heat pump is much greater than with a conventional system, such as an electric thermos, because it captures the heat available from external sources. Therefore, it making use of renewable sources.


They carry a much higher amount of thermal energy than the mechanical energy needed to power the system.

Fast availability of hot water

The performance of our compressors includes the rapid recovery of hot water using heat pump technology. Demand satisfaction and constant supply are guaranteed.

Large useful volume of the tank

The heat pump technology produces water up to 60°C, but the ideal temperature for bathing is 37°C. The water at the outlet of the heat pump is mixed with cold water and, thanks to this, 100 liters of water at 60°C produce 160 liters of water at 37°C. Therefore, it has a useful volume that is 60 % higher than the volume of the tank.

Minimum thermal losses

Once the water is heated, the most important factor is to keep the tank at temperature. For this reason, our tanks have an average insulation thickness of 8 cm. This is the best insulation in the industry to ensure system efficiency: that the energy invested in heating is used 100%.

Minimal maintenance.

The maintenance of heat pumps for the production of hot water is minimal. Depending on the model, a simple visual inspection of the main elements is recommended.

Compatibility with other systems
Heat pump can be combined with other existing systems, with the intention of increasing its production or reducing energy consumption and costs thanks to its excellent performance and efficiency. In particular, Airys/Geiser systems can be combined to control and operate gas boilers, diesel boilers, biofuel boilers, solar thermal systems, solar photovoltaic systems, electric heaters, etc.

Heat pump is considered one of the most efficient way of heating/cooling available. The expense depends on the model of heat pump and his application. Heat pumps for DHW production can consume around 0.25-0.5 kWh. However, heat pumps for heating/cooling production of a housing can consume around 1.8-5 kWh (depending on the power). The number of hours of heat pump operation depends on the size of the housing and the consumption of hot water.

When choosing a new heat pump, it is important to make sure that it is the right one in terms of sizing according to the characteristics of our home. Operating costs change according to:

  • The size and distribution of the housing
  • The climate and the orientation of the housing
  • The frecuency at which the heat pump is used
  • The size and number of windows
  • The greater or lesser insulation of the housing
  • Number of people and hot water consumption habits

A heat pump provides considerable energy savings compared to conventional systems for the production of heating and domestic hot water. The heat pump performance change depending on the inlet and outlet temperature, but, in any case, the electrical consumption of the machine is lower than the thermal energy that is generated to meet our demand for heating/cooling or DHW. In general, the performance coefficients or COP vary between 2 and 5, which, expressed as a percent, we would be talking about performances of up to 500 %.

Savings in consumption with the use of a heat pump is very important because of the new electricity tariffs. The more efficient the energy production system, the more savings on the bill will be achieved. In addition, heat pumps allow programming their use through Wifi (depending on model) in the hours of lowest electricity cost so that important economic savings are achieved.

Heat pump can be installed in new or existing buildings, as it only requires an electrical connection and water supply.

In addition, thanks to our wide range of volumes, there are multiple possibilities for each application: from small homes to commercial or industrial applications, such as hospitals, hotels, sports centers, etc.

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Climer Technology S.L.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is to achieve a more competitive business fabric and thanks to which it has launched a Plan for the Implementation of Innovative Solutions for internationalization. For this, it has had the support of the InnoXport Program of the Córdoba Chamber of Commerce corresponding to the call for the 2020 annuity.