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The air source heat pump is the technology that allows to extract the energy contained in the environment to heat the water.
Since the heat pump consumes less energy than it carries, it is a very efficient system for use in heating, cooling or DHW installations.
The heat pump only requires 1 kW of electricity to produce up to 4 kW of heating energy. This translates into an energy saving of around 75% compared to conventional energy, in which the efficiency is always less than 100%. As it also allows the production of cold, the heat pump becomes the most complete solution to meet the demand for housing.

Thermodynamic solar heat pump technology extracts energy from solar radiation, rain … to heat water
Thermodynamic solar panels, by working with heat pump technology, can work both day and night, with or without solar radiation, since in addition of capturing energy from the sun, they also capture environmental energy. In this way, they capture the energy contained in the environment at any time of day to heat the water, without the need for an auxiliary system.
The thermodynamic solar heat pump can be integrated into existing installations, with the intention of increasing its production or reducing energy consumption and cost thanks to its superior performance. It is compatible with gas boilers, diesel boilers, biofuel boilers, solar thermal equipment, photovoltaic solar equipment, electric heaters, heat pumps …




CLIMER heat pumps offer high energy efficiency with maximum savings for the end user.


We apply the latest advances betting on our own innovation and exclusive designs.


We are committed to high quality components to offer the most reliable and safe equipment./p>

We are a heat pump manufacturer specializing in air source and solar thermodynamic heat pumps. The goal of CLIMER is the development and continuous improvement of a product designed to meet the end user demand adapting to their needs with a high range of benefits that differentiate it from the rest of the market.


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