Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pump for DHW

Air source heat pump for DHW

The Ecoheat heat pumps range has models suitable for any type of housing both for new construction and refurbishment.

Made of stainless steel of the highest quality on the market, they offer reliability and efficiency for the production of domestic hot water. In addition, user can monitor and manage its operation through Wi-Fi connection.

CLIMER Clean Efficient Clean energy Air -water Renewable Air Source

Air source heat pump for DHW

Characteristics of Air source heat pump for DHW


New Wifi accessory that allows full remote monitoring and control.

Optional coil

Ecoheat models EH200/EH260 and EH500 can incorporate high-performance stainless steel coil.

White/Stainless Steel finish

All models can be built in white or stainless steel finish.

Touch controller

Touch controller with 3 operating modes. Simple working to choose the right configuration.

Duplex 2205/444 Buffer Tank

All buffer tanks are made of stainless steel of the highest quality on the market.

Easy installation anywhere

Fan that allows to carry the supply and extract air even until 10 m (depending on conditions).

Our solutions

Air source equipment for DHW

Ecoheat EH100-130

Wall mounting

Conjunto Ecoheat 200 + 260.60

Ecoheat EH160-200-260

Ground installation


Ecoheat EH500

Compact equipment with large accumulation capacity

Conjunto Ecoheat 200 + 260.60


Accumulation and DHW heat pump in a single tank


Ecoflex EF02-04

System for existing boilers


EHBT Module

New. DHW system with independent accumulation tank


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