Air source technology

Commercial Applications

Range of reversible air to water heat pumps. High powers from 50 to 200 kW. Compressor stage technology to increase the seasonal energy efficiency of the units. Sized to work in climatic conditions from -10 to 40 ºC outside temperature, with evaporation and condensation control.


More features for commercial applications

Characteristics for Commercial Applications

Connectivity and monitoring

New option to get maximum remote control of the unit. Real-time monitoring of alarms, variable graphs, control diagram and operation of the unit. All the technical information available in a single click and without the need to travel to the installation site.

Optional energy recovery

All units can be manufactured with additional energy exchanger for the production of DHW by recovering energy from the refrigeration circuit. Maximum efficiency managed automatically to achieve the greatest savings in the installation.

Control and management

Advanced control of the unit can be installed into the boiler room or anywhere easily accessible. It includes different operating modes and allows to work with time scheduling, perform remote on / off and view alarm history even with the parameters in which the machine worked at the time it occurs.

Quality in each component

Stainless steel welded plate heat exchanger, EC fans with low noise impact, external exchangers sized for energy available throughout the operating range, scroll compressors with stage control and electronic expansion valve managed from the control itself.

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Systems for Commercial Applications

High powers from 50 kW to 200 kW



Reliability and quality of all components

ERP 2021

Austral HT

Units with low GWP refrigerant

NEW: Refrigerant R513A

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