Thermodynamic solar technology

Domestic Hot Water and Heating

Thermodynamic solar heat pumps for heating and DHW production for great volumes.

Thermodynamic solar panels absorb energy from solar radiation as well as environmental energy, and transfer it to water, reaching up to 65 degrees of temperature depending on the model.

Thermodynamic solar technology for Heating and DHW


Connectivity and monitoring

New option to get maximum remote control of the unit. Real-time monitoring of alarms, variable graphs, control diagram and operation of the unit. All the technical information available in a single click and without the need to travel to the installation site.

Easy installation

HTM heat pumps have been designed specially for quick installation and easy maintenance thanks to having independent compartments for the hydraulic circuit, refrigerant and electrical panel. In addition, the access and working of the electrical panel is very simple and the hydraulic connections allow a quick installation.

Advanced controller

New control system with multiple features: time and weekly scheduling, Eco and Auto mode, management with other energy sources, alarm visualization and registration of them... In addition, it allows to see in real time the pressures and operating temperatures of the system in order to check its correct operation.

Improved thermodynamic solar technology

Circuit configuration specially designed to promote heat exchange with external factors. They include a fully homogeneous distributor to ensure the exact flow of refrigerant in each panel. This factor is decisive to get the maximum performance of the panels set. In addition, the electronic expansion valve manages the refrigerant circuit to increase overall efficiency.

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Thermodynamic solar heat pump for Heating and DHW

Thermodynamic solar heat pumps for heating and DHW production for great volumes


Heating and generation of DHW for great volumes



Thermodynamic solar heat pump with EVI technology


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