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Home automation and energy efficiency domestically

¿De qué hablamos?

The Spanish Automation Systems Association insists on the advantages of the implementation of home automation systems. You can save between 25% and 30% of energy consumption in this type of property, compared to a traditional home.

The downside of this system is the cost and knowing if it is really worth an investment. It is true that it depends on the system we want to install, but the savings it entails makes to recover the investment sooner or later.

Home automation

It is clear that thesavings in energy, and therefore, the economic savings, is the most attractive advantage of home automation systems. However, this type of system has more advantages, such as the comfort and convenience that provide us in our daily life. In addition, this type of system also increases the home security , especially thanks to alarms and surveillance cameras.

However, the great importance that has been given to the energy efficiency makes this type of systems are installed to seek the maximum efficiency of a housing. Get to control the different devices and systems remotely that consume in a house it causes consumption to be reduced. In addition, if this type of systems are connected to the WiFi network of the house , can carry out actions by themselves , destined to reduce the consumption, without the user having to take any action. For example, blinds are opened or closed depending on the outside temperature.

Home automation and smart homes

A home automation system consists of a set technological equipment which can control and automate the smart management of a property, improving the lives of the people who live in it. As stated above, the advantages of this type of systems are savings, comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

However, efficiency and energy saving are the advantages that stands out above the rest .

The monitoring systems of energy consumption of a house allows us to know at all times how much energy is consumed, when and in what device. This is essential to know how to reduce energy use.

Home automation and energy saving

There are three aspects that stand out about consumption in a home. The more we manage to save on the consumption of these systems, the more we will save on energy bills.


25 % of our electricity bill goes directly to illuminate our home. When we speak about smart lighting, everyone thinks of turn lights on or off from outside the home. But this is only a small part of what we can do.

Smart lighting systems also carry out actions by themselves, likeadapt the artificial lighting in the room to the amount of natural light. In addition, we can also install presence detectors for the lighting is turned on and off according to the presence of the people.

Within the creation of profiles, we can choose aspects such as the intensity or colour of the lights. In addition, you can also control awnings, blinds or curtains to make the most of natural light.


The40% of the electricity bill is spent on heating in winter, so the installation of efficient appliances, such as heat pumps, becomes something basic to reduce the consumption of them.

Within the smart air conditioning systems,smart thermostats are important.. Thanks to these devices, we can control the operation of the system from anywhere. In the same way as the rest of the systems, they are able to do things by themselves, such as adapting the temperature of the system to the outside temperature.

In the same way as in lighting, we can also control awnings, curtains and blinds to reduce energy consumption.


It may be one of the most well-known aspects of smart systems. Almost every appliance in a home can be smart.

From ovens and kitchens that are turned on remotely and that adapt their consumption to the type of food to be cooked, through refrigerators that make us the purchase online and ending with dishwashers and washing machines that turn on in the hours where fewer devices are connected and more economical is electricity.


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