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Tailored solutions for large manufacturers of aerothermics, accumulation.

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Proffesional performance for domestic solutions.

Thanks to a long history in customized solutions for customers, we understand the needs and adapt to the specific requirements of each case.

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Climer Technology is a young yet established company, specializing in the manufacturing of heat pumps.

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"Alongside users and installers"

“Climer stands out for creating sustainable solutions designed to meet the needs of both users and installers, thereby facilitating their installation and commissioning. The development department works continuously to enhance products, customizing them for each application and requirement, always adhering to high efficiency and reliability standards.”

Experience in the sector

Product design tailored with the professional in mind.

Personalized attention

"We offer comprehensive support to our clients, from training to assistance with installation and post-sales service."

Bespoke development

Solutions developed for special and customized projects.

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