Política Climer sobre Calidad y Medio ambiente

Our present, is your future

Quality and Environmental Policy


The quality in the activities (Design and manufacturing of heat pumps for the production of DHW, heating, and cooling) of the company is not solely the responsibility of CLIMER’s Management, but the entire organization is responsible for working towards delivering our products to the customer at the agreed-upon quality level.

CLIMER’s primary objective is to achieve customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we aim to establish, maintain, develop, and improve a Quality Management System that allows controlling the various factors affecting our processes and providing the required level of quality at an economically reasonable cost.

The system will be capable of maintaining product quality, thus meeting quality requirements, standards, and established quality levels by the company itself, customer requirements, and any applicable requirements.

This policy is embraced by all CLIMER employees who are aware of their involvement and responsibility to contribute to manufacturing quality. Therefore, this Quality Manual will serve as the constant reference for the development of all activities related to Quality Management.

To comply with this Quality Policy, CLIMER sets a general objective that the technical, administrative, and human factors within the company’s organization affecting the quality of its services and products are adequately controlled. This control is oriented towards reducing, eliminating, and, most importantly, preventing deficiencies in quality.

Ultimately, there are three main reasons why CLIMER establishes and keeps up-to-date a Quality Management System:

Customer orientation: The Quality Management System allows us to provide adequate confidence to our customers that our products will meet their needs.
Focus on improvement: The Quality and Environmental Management System enables the personnel within the Organization to understand the set of responsibilities, processes, procedures, and allocated resources to ensure and manage Quality and the Environment. Knowledge is the foundation for the staff to participate and provide feedback to Management in improving the System, utilizing all the quality records generated. Standardizing activities will allow us to reduce variability in our processes, constituting the first step towards initiating a continuous improvement process in which everyone must participate.
Competitive environment: The Quality Management System allows us to gain competitive advantages over competitors in a market where companies are increasingly required to implement Quality Management Systems.


Due to the renewable nature of the equipment manufactured in the company, it maintains a commitment to environmental respect based on the following aspects:

The company commits to environmental protection and pollution prevention.
Continuous development of equipment with components that increase efficiency and decrease CO2 emissions.
Reducing refrigerant load and opting for refrigerants with lower GWP.
Compliance with legal requirements and other standards.
Minimizing the environmental impact of the factory.
Raising awareness among staff regarding environmental objectives.
Prioritizing prevention over correction.

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