Heat Pumps with thermodynamic solar panel

Solar Thermodynamic Energy

Thermodynamic solar panels are able of working both day and night, with or without solar radiation, thanks to the use of heat pump technology since in addition to absorbing energy from the sun, they also absorb environmental energy in order to heat the water at any time of the day without the need for an auxiliary system.

Thermodynamic solar heat pump can be integrated into existing installations with the goal of increasing its production or reducing energy consumption and cost thanks to its high performance. It is compatible with gas boilers, gas-oil boilers, bio-fuel boilers, solar thermal systems, photovoltaic solar systems, electric heaters, heat pumps…

Our solutions

Types of Thermodynamics Solar Technology

Thermodynamic solar heat pump technology absorbs energy from solar radiation, rain… in order to heat the water.

Thermodynamic Solar Technology for DHW

Range of heat pumps with thermodynamic solar panel. These panels are able of working by capturing solar and environmental energy.

Thermodynamic Solar Technology for DHW and Heating

Wide power range from 7 to 50 kW. Installation is quick and easy thanks to its monoblock design and only requires hydraulic connections. Suitable for new and renovation housing.

Thermodynamic Solar Technology for Swimming Pools

Improved Thermodynamic Solar Technology. Maximum reliability and guarantee for use in chlorinated or saline water pools. Monitoring, efficiency and management with other energies.

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