Air source heat pump

Swimming Pools Heat Pump

Solution for heating pools with heat pump technology that allows to prolong the swimming season through a reliable and efficient system that works in any climatic condition.

Air source heat pump for heating pools

Characteristics of Heat Pumps for swimming pools

Titanium exchanger

Maximum reliability and guarantee for use in chlorinated or saline water pools. The use of Titanium and PVC in its construction allows the direct production of hot water without the need to use an intermediate heat exchanger with the consequent loss of energy.

Efficiency and management with other energies

Advanced control that allows the use and management of the unit along with other energy sources that the installation may have, such as solar energy. In this way, maximum savings and comfort of the installation are achieved.


New option to get maximum remote control of the unit. Real-time monitoring of alarms, variable graphs, control diagram and operation of the unit. All the technical information available in a single click and without the need to travel to the installation site.

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Systems of Swimming Pools Heat Pump

It extracts energy from the outside air to keep a stable temperature throughout the year in swimming pools, jacuzzis or Spa. Maximum reliability thanks to the high quality of its components.


Heating pools with air source technology.


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