Air source technology

High Temperature Air source heat pump

Series of systems capable of reaching high temperatures for hot water production for commercial or domestic applications.

High Temperature Air source heat pump

Characteristics of High Temperature Air source heat pump

Connectivity and monitoring

New option to get maximum remote control of the unit. Real-time monitoring of alarms, variable graphs, control diagram and operation of the unit. All the technical information available in a single click and without the need to travel to the installation site.

Control of other energy sources

Advanced control that allows the use and management of the unit along with other energy sources that the installation may have, such as solar energy, boiler or electrical resistance. In this way, maximum savings and comfort of the installation are achieved.

Climate curves and control

The possibility of managing all the electronic components in the refrigeration circuit (electronic expansion valve, EC fan...), gives maximum control and adaptation of the machine that also allows to configure climatic curves for a fully automatic operation changing the setpoint temperature depending on the outside temperature.

Integrated accumulation buffer tank

All KH units include the accumulation buffer tank into the outdoor unit. Systems are tested and connected at our factory for saving installation time as well as space taken.

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Systems of High Temperature Air source heat pump


Vapour injection technology ensures stable working.



NEW: Refrigerant R513A. New design of units with non-flammable low GWP refrigerant.


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